Business Community is the online place for content, webinars, event information. The goals is enhancing business knowledge. Thought Leadership, Innovation & Solution Discovery – Online and face to face events, workshops, masterclasses, network groups & Symposiums.

Business Technology

Best of Breed Marketing, Data, Analytics Platforms and Tools. Industry recognised specialists with the latest digital technology in business & marketing. This is where Technology meets People – Through events, webinars, courses and content the latest business technology is presented.

Strategic Consultancy

DCN Nordic provides Advisory Services in Business and Marketing Technology and Implementation: Project recruitment data, technology and human resources to deploy best of breed digital transformation.

The Digital Community Network

Brand Leadership Community

Join the innovators in business, marketing and eCommerce to explore brand leadership in the new world. This soon to be announced event will be for today and tomorrow’s business professionals who with take their brands to fill their full potential in their market.

Digital Intelligence Academy

Courses, Masterclasses and Workshops for business professionals in marketing, product management, eCommerce and content marketing.

DCN Media

DCN Media is services that manages the production of Webinars, Webcasts, Mini-documentaries and audio podcasts. From preproduction with the story development, formats, production and post production, DCN Media creates media content that tells compelling stories that stimulate the audience to action.

DCN Symposiums

Events and professional groups for Industry segments that focus on the special needs of each market. This includes Retail/Finance/Automotive/Finance/Gaming/Travel/Media

Core Belief

Enable Professionals, Brands and Organisations Achieve Their True Potential in Society

Community and the need for community is stronger than ever before in our lifetime.

DCN Nordic and the Digital Community Network is being engineered to service the industries in the Post-Covid19 world. With a hybrid of online events and appropriately managed physical events, DCN communities will serve its focused industries to enable a positive growth impact on society.

Now’s a great time to talk to us

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Right now, we are building our business to serve the business of tomorrow, and those companies and professionals that want to be an influential part of this new world. From marketers, brand manager, specialists at all levels and at any level from C level to starter level we have something to share. The main things you need to bring to the conversation are your drive to excel, learn from failure and the willingness to support your peers.

This is the path that we choose to build together.